Surprising Cause of Belly Fat

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Getting ready for summer?

Like all of us (or at least me) Christmas and winter tend to make us a little less Sports Illustrated and a little more Frosty the Snowman. Those nights curling up by the fire with cookies and cocoa and other warm winter comfort foods are wonderful but they do have the effect of softening us up around the middle. Belly fat is the scourge of many, and one of the most difficult things to eliminate.

There’s more than one reason for this.

The first is that it’s difficult to target weight loss. Our faces grow slender, our arms, our chests, but fat clings to that belly region. There’s a specific reason for this, and there is a solution.

If you’re hitting the gym to tone up for swimsuit season, there is one very important thing you need to know that could sabotage your plans for a sleek abdomen. Diet and exercise are, of course, top of the list when it comes to getting fit, but if want to get real results (or are frustrated by lack of results), you might be victim of one devious issue that causes belly fat (and I don’t mean cookies) and causes it to hang around.

If you want the answer, and the solution, listen to this woman’s story. It might surprise you–and give you hope. Click the balanced rocks below to open the audio file.


Heart Health Testimonial

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Hello friends, is spring in the air for you? It’s almost here!

If the idea of stepping out and truly enjoying the upcoming spring and summer sounds appealing, let me urge you to take control of your health. Particularly today, I want to talk about heart health. This giant muscle beating away in our chest is of the utmost importance and needs our attention and care. Whether you’re aging and healthy and you want to give your body a nutritional super boost, or you’re young, seeking preventative and health maintenance options, or, of course, you suffer poor health, let me recommend this supplement to you.

The link below leads to a brief audio transcript of a woman testifying to her health success by using Laminine. Once slave to a regimen of heart medications, over the course of her supplement regimen, her doctors have been able to reduce the amounts of prescription medication she requires.

But don’t listen to my story–listen to hers. Click the heart below to hear Holly’s testimonial!

Healthy Heart

What Money Cannot Buy

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Look to your health — and value it next to a good conscience; for health is … a blessing that money cannot buy.
~Izaak Walton
Sometimes it can feel as if we do everything “right” to get ourselves on the road to better health, and yet something holds us back. The energy isn’t there, the motivation, the rewards. All the efforts feel like pushing a rope up a hill and we tend to slide back into old habits. It’s very difficult to keep motivated when there’s no instant reward–that isn’t laziness or greed, it’s scientific fact. Humans don’t associate long term rewards with immediate work. I’ll buy myself an ipod if I workout three times a week for a month! isn’t nearly as powerful as rewarding yourself with a delectable smoothie after every workout. We must reinforce our positive actions immediately.
So don’t feel too badly if you struggle to get motivated–I try not to. It helps me to focus on actions that get me quick, healthy, safe results. That’s why I push Laminine–because the effects most people feel after front loading Laminine into their system are, quite literally, almost instant. Your sleep will be deeper and more restful. You probably won’t miss the afternoon lag many of us succumb to, because that is quick to retreat as well. Muscles will feel stronger and more buoyant. Some people have even enjoyed clearer vision just days into their new vitamin routine.
Now imagine the effects of long term use–building a supplement into your routine now, so that later your body stands on such a strong foundation of health it will be very difficult to knock you down. If, twenty years from now, you knew you could have started today, would you? How much would you pay for better vision, better sleep, better well being and overall health? What is all that truly worth? Many of us don’t appreciate our health until we’re suffering chronic fatigue, pain, or other ailments. If money could purchase a feel-great life, would you spend it?
I challenge you to head to my personal ordering site, and start today. In a decade, money won’t be able to buy the health that you enjoy.

Are You Silly?

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Most of us would be upset if we were accused of being ‘silly.’ But the word ‘silly’ comes from the old English word ‘selig,’ and its literal definition is ‘to be blessed, happy, healthy and prosperous.’
~Zig Ziglar
When I read that, I couldn’t help but think how silly I am, and have been, for most of my life. Naturally, as I age (as we all age) some complications begin to obstruct my natural health and fitness. Healthy pathways erode, joints creak, eyesight weakens. Rather than fall prey to this deterioration, I have set myself on a quest to live the fullest, healthiest life I can. Naturally I measure my diet and I get as much exercise as I can, even when I suffer from joint pain. But the road to health is paved with obstacles, and one of the steps I take to ease those obstacles is ensuring that my body is working with the very best tool I can offer: proper nutritional support. Working strong supplements into a daily habit of natural and whole foods, plenty of veggies and responsibly sourced meats has become so ingrained (whole grain, of course!) that I hardly think about it as a “diet,” or a trend. It’s just a way of life.
In this quest, I have researched and tried many different supplements, shakes, some everyday, and some quite exotic. Sometimes I try the latest acai or nut-milk trend, other times I trek off the beaten path. Laminine is a supplement that is off the beaten path that, I feel (and have had friends experience) can rebuild health and lives. If you’re thinking of making a life change, I urge you to start with nutrition, start with Laminine, to feel positive effects right away in your sleep, energy, and overall sense of well being.

Why wait?

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I recently discovered this excellent article about why procrastinators wait, and the negative effects it has on our brains and our spirits. From a tried and true procrastinator, I can tell you that your health is one thing you don’t want to wait on. The effects that proper nutrition and exercise have on your health, happiness and longevity are not something that can be done at the last minute. “The last minute,” when it comes to your health, really is…the last minute.

My new working motto is, “A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.” That is true of all projects–learning a new language, a craft, a long term creative endeavor, or a goal, say, to be a healthier happier you. A healthy happy you is an abstract idea that requires concrete actions! What small steps will you take each day to accomplish your goal? Eating better? Good. Ten minutes of cardio? Great! Making sure your body has the proper tools to give you energy, vitality, and strength? Excellent. Those aren’t things you can do at the Last Minute. They are things that take very small, easy, bite-sized steps to accomplish each day.

Our supplement Laminine can help you accomplish your health goals, one day, one glass of water, and one resolution at a time. Start today!

New Year’s Resolution

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Lose weight? Be happier, healthier, or just more active? How do you measure something like happiness, or health? I personally measure it in being able to simply go out and do the things I want to do, whether it’s enjoy a walk in nature without suffering painful joints, or spend time with my family–by being an upbeat, positive cornerstone for the ones I love. Maybe you want to figure out how to get up and out and do more, enjoy life to the fullest or just have more energy to enjoy the time you have with your friends and family. What happiness and fulfillment means to you, it must start with a solid foundation of healthy living.

If you fear that any kinks in your health may frustrate you and your New Year’s plans, allow me to suggest that you let the powerful supplement Laminine “fill in the cracks” left by diet and other supplements. In the dark months of winter, it’s especially important for us to make sure that we’re giving our bodies all the good fuel and energy sources that we can. Seasonal depression, fatigue, lethargy and lack of motivation can waylay the best laid New Year’s intentions.

Let 2014 be the year of success, of health, of unbounded energy. Realize your aspirations, and start by making your body the best that it can be!

Muscle and Joint Relief

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Welcome back, health seekers!

Pages like the one linked here give solid advice on helping to treat muscle and joint pain. They list good home remedies including cold and heat therapy, gentle pain killers, stress relief through yoga, meditation and exercise. There are many ways, including proper nutrition, to help your body physically fight back against the fatigue, stress, and sickness that can cause muscle and joint pain in the first place.

While this page is intended only as an introduction to a natural supplement, and should not be mistaken for professional medical advice, Laminine is a very exciting product that has, in fact, been shown to give people relief from pain and stress in multiple ways. Don’t neglect to consult your doctor if you suffer from a serious chronic condition, but consider adding this powerful, natural supplement to your treatment plan to ease stiff joints and muscle pain. Using the very building blocks of protein and energy which power us for life, Laminine has shown to help chronic problems at their source.

Try today, and start living the life you’ve imagined.

Busy Days, Restful Nights

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Awhile back we shared a video on the benefits of rest and sleep. I wanted to talk some more about the benefits of good quality sleep. There are 11 reasons listed in that article link–sleep helps reduce inflammation, spur creativity, improve physical performance, longer life span, and better memory function, just to name a few. Sleep is also the time when your body gets to “process,” not only physical but mental activity, and get you ready for a new day and a new set of adventures–or challenges.

It’s great to say that six to eight hours of sleep is healthy for you, but there’s more to it than just letting your head hit the pillow at 10:00 and closing yours eyes. You need the right quality sleep, the deep, restorative sleep where you dream, process, restore and renew.

The natural supplement Laminine that I proudly sell has been shown to improve the quality of sleep in individuals. Unlike some drugs or even natural supplements that help you fall asleep but don’t actually improve the deep, restorative quality of your bedtime hours, Laminine’s natural building blocks work to help your body rest better.

Why not see what Laminine can do for you today?

Beautiful Skin for Holiday Photos

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You are beautiful!Like you, I believe that beauty is truly on the inside… but I also have a feeling you people reading article are pretty fabulous on the outside too, and those ol’ holiday get-togethers can be a great time to strut your stuff, wear your sparkly duds and get some great photos to enjoy for years to come.

Unfortunately, picture time tends to be when our skin starts to misbehave for some Murphy’s Law reason that we haven’t figured out yet. I’m sure someone is hard at work in a lab somewhere, about to nail down the truth.

But I digress. We’ve already talked about shielding yourself against those possible Holiday Blues by incorporating Laminine into your vitamin routine, but did you know it also has the lovely side-effect of improving your skin? Sound too good to be true? Bear with me.

When your body is battling health issues on other fronts, it takes a toll on your skin. All our organs, inside and out, need a boost during the holiday stress period–don’t forget, our skin is our largest organ! If you’re breaking out, if your skin is dry, patchy or otherwise not-quite-glowing (men too! we’ve seen you with gorgeous glowing skin before, don’t pretend it’s just for the ladies) –it’s a sign that your body is in distress. Think of it like seeing the check-engine light go on in your car (that was for you, gentlemen). Something’s wrong on the inside.

With the health benefits of Laminine building back up your internal defenses, you’ll notice a change in your skin, too. Good health begins inside and just pushes on out until you look healthy. Sounds like my kind of side effect!

If you agree, contact me for more information, or even better, take the plunge, order a bottle and give it a try.

This is the natural supplement your skin (and the rest of you) has been craving.

Give the Gift of Health

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Good Health Is a Gift that Lasts a Life Time!Welcome back, Holiday fiends and friends! Whatever occasions you celebrate this time of year, there’s usually a bump in family-interaction, fun, stress, and a bit of gift giving. Do you know someone who suffers from chronic health issues? If they had one wish for the holidays, I can bet it would probably have to do with improving their health–in a natural, safe, easy way. Please read on for information on a revolutionary supplement that is truly the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Through this blog I’ve begun discussing the health benefits of Laminine, and even tracked down a free health e-book with incredible testimonials on its health-rebuilding properties. We love to advise people on vitamins in all forms–pump up your Vitamin D during the dark winter months to avoid (literally) going insane, make sure you take that calcium ladies, and certainly everyone needs that Vitamin C to battle those winter bugs.

But individuals who truly suffer from chronic pain, stress, fatigue, and other “deep source” health issues need a little extra armor on their side. Laminine was developed from the life-forming nutrients present in fertilized avian eggs–nothing scary, unnatural or fake, here. All these super-concentrated supplements offer is a little burst of the very building-block nutrients that give us life, that give our bodies all the tools they need to heal from injury, deal with stress, and perform strongly.

Some people out there can’t imagine an average day without pain, without struggle. You may know such a person, or be one. If so, I urge you to give Laminine a try. Read the testimonials from the e-book, write for more information, and imagine a brand new day.

This holiday season, save your dollars in the mall and give the gift of health–to you, or someone you love. It’s about time.

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